Post Production Videography Reel —
Final Project

An Awkward Conversation

As my final project for a Digital Storytelling class I took last semester, we were asked to produce short videos. I find it interesting that the rise of online communication has made it possible for people to say whatever they’re really thinking due to anonymity and lowered-inhibition factors. I wanted to use that in conjunction with the concept of inner monologues, so I wrote a script in which two characters, George and Lucy, meet each other and, rather than normal awkward chit-chat, say what they’re really thinking out loud.


Pilsen Vintage Profile

Our second assignment in Digital Storytelling was to go out in Chicago and find something that we wanted to profile. Could be a business, a person, a piece of history… My group (Byron and Dennis) and I decided to stop at Pilsen Vintage and fell in love with the character of the store. We could have spent all day filming!