IMG_1678The Basics:

Name — Sydney O’Hearn

Age — 24 years old

Location — Chicago, IL

Currently, I’m preparing to graduate from Loyola University Chicago’s Master of Digital Storytelling program. As a student of the Digital Storytelling program, I learned to improve and apply my writing and production skills to digital media. I spent my time working on student videography projects and working as an independent contractor doing writing, videography and photo editing projects.

Before attending Loyola, I earned a B.S. in communications from Kentucky Wesleyan College, where I learned how to write for public relations and media purposes. My senior year was spent writing for stage and screen, developing production and directing skills and navigating FinalCut Pro while working nights as a newspaper page designer for Paxton Media. These skills culminated in a final senior project — a student short film festival. Not only was I responsible for writing and directing a ten minute film, but I was assigned another film to edit using FinalCut. I also designed and distributed promotional materials, including a flyer, press release and a radio PSA.

Some Fun Things:

Favorite Book — The Great Gatsby

Favorite Food — Macaroni and cheese

Starbucks Usual — Venti iced nonfat quad hazelnut latte

Dream job — Managing editor for a women’s magazine

Why — I want to help shape young women’s perceptions of the world and themselves. While many people are under the impression that women’s magazines are all about hair, makeup and clothes, I know that the political and social commentary, career advice and personal essays included in publications such as Cosmopolitan help to give women confidence in all aspects of their lives. I want to be a part of that empowerment.

If I weren’t in communications, I would be — pursuing a career in interior design…or perhaps become a professional karaoke singer.

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